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Experience and Customer Service

Carter Custom Painting has completed thousands of Interior painting projects in the St. Louis, West County, and St. Louis County area for decades. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality craftsmanship the St. louis painting industry has to offer. Our painters are experts at interior painting, wallpaper removal, caulking, surface preparation, and drywall repair. Furthermore our craftsmen are committed to your satisfaction, realizing that in a customer service oriented business our only job security comes from satisfied customers who call us in the future and also refer us to their friends, coworkers, and associates.

Premium Products and 5 Star Reviews

We follow a superior interior painting system guideline for the best finish in your home. We only use premium paint, Sherwin Williams, Porter, and Benjamin Moore are a few, and we can diagnose and solve the unique challenges of a perfect product for each home. When the business started decades ago, Carter Custom Painting has been dedicated to raising the bar in the painting industry around the local Saint Louis area. Our five star reviews are proof we are a success. We have the highest ratings on yelp, angie’s list, facebook, houzz, and google in the st. louis area.

Homeowner Respect and Contractor Trust

Hire a contractor you can trust and who respects your home, we are that contractor. Our employees take great care in protecting all surfaces that are not being painted, and we thoroughly clean up our work areas at the end of each day. We are prepared to work in a way that’s efficient to your schedule and that minimizes disruption to your home.

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Our company has extensive professional painting experience in all types of residences, from high-end homes to condos. Call on us to be your interior painting contractor on your next project in the Saint Louis (STL) area at: 314-757-6973

Licensed and Insured

We carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect you in the event of an accident on your property as should every contractor. Many painting contractors will use subcontractors instead of hiring employees because it will lower their costs. Subcontractors are typically paid a flat fee, and the contractor also does not have to pay for social security taxes and employee benefits. We carry a license to work in the city of st. louis and pay taxes for that work.

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Interior Painting


Interior Painting Questions-

How do you determine how much paint you need for a room?

This is done by multiplying the length of each wall by its height and adding them together. In an office that is 10’ wide x 10’ length x 9’ high, this equals 360 square feet of wall space. In addition, you can subtract for windows and doors also. Sherwin Williams has a paint calculator that is handy to-HeLpful LINK:-) sherwin williams link 

How much will the paint cost?

Paint cost is determined on the grade of paint you go with. The higher the sheen paints cost more than the flatter paints. There is a low grade, mid grade, and high grade line of paint carried by most companies. The cost can vary between 15.00-60.00 dollars a gallon.

Comparing Contractors Proposals

When choosing your contractor, look over the estimates carefully and compare apples to apples.  You don’t want to end up with a lemon!


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Guide to our  “superior interior” painting system.

• Set a date with the homeowner to schedule the work.
• Take everything off the walls, remove hooks, nails, and whatever is requested by homeowner.
• Move the furniture to the center of the room.
• Cover everything with plastic.
• Spread out drop clothes to cover the floor.
• Remove outlet covers, switch plates, blinds, etc.
• Clean the walls, if really dirty.
• Scuff, pole sand the walls to knock hairs or debris left behind from other painters or homeowners.
• caulk any cracks.
• Patch any holes or cracks.
• Seal stains if needed.
• Repaired areas are primed.
• Cut or trim in areas with a brush.
• Then proceed to roll, Do each wall separately if working with matte or eggshell.
• Apply a second coat of paint if needed.
• paint the doors, trim, and whatever moulding needs to be painted.
• Clean up.
• Put furniture back in place.
• Replace outlet covers, switch plates, etc.
• Touch-up paint is labeled and left with the client.

Complete Interior House Painting 

  •  Walls
  • Ceilings
  • doors
  • Windows
  • Plantation shutters
  • Mantels
  • Built-in-shelving
  • Spray finishes
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Vanities
  • Paneling and wainscot
  • Baseboard, crown, and other trim mouldings

Wallpaper Removal

  •  Removal of wallpaper with chemical, water, or steam
  •  Repair of wallboard if needed

Staining and Finishing of Woodwork and Cabinetry

  • New and old cabinets (paint or stain grade)
  • Entertainment systems (paint, stain or faux finishes
  •  Finishing of new windows and doors

Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes, and Murals

  •  Faux Stone
  •  Antiquing
  •  sky painting
  •  Glazing       …you see it we can paint it!

Interior  Repair  Services

  •  Drywall, plaster and wood repairs
  •  Light carpentry (crown moulding, wainscot, base, frames, etc.)
  •  Spray finishes (furniture, cabinets, etc.)
  •  Carpenter-built shelving and bookcases
  •  Handyman services

Our beliefs for getting a Superb Interior Paint Job 

  • Using quality materials
  • Employing the best preparation methods
  • Keeping a clean, respectful work environment
  • Providing a dedicated, on-site project manager for every job
  • Inspecting everything upon completion

Note: We work with other trades every day… so if we don’t do it, we are always happy to refer someone we trust who does. (i.e.- plumbers, electricians, licensed professionals

Interior Painting Tips-

Some of our service areas: Chesterfield, Wildwood, Creve Coeur, West County, Imperial, Crestwood, Ballwin, Ladue, Frontenac, including a 50 mile range around st. louis

Some of the Paint we like to use:

Sherwin Williams


Benjamin Moore

PPG-Hi-Hide paint

  • Excellent Hiding & Coverage
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Beautiful Finished Appearance
  • Good Washability

Product Details-

HI-HIDE® Interior Acrylic Latex is a high quality interior latex wall paint.  It can be used for new or previously painted commercial, institutional and residential walls and ceilings in normal exposure.  Hi-Hide Interior Latex Wall Paint is also an excellent, user-friendly, high value wall paint for the “do-it-yourselfer” in many residential applications.

Sherwin Williams Duration Home Paint

  • Sherwin Williams Duration Home – Paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains. It also has advanced stain blocking technology to seal in stains already on your walls. Duration Home goes on smoothly and quickly and offers excellent hide. It is ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways and most stains wipe clean with water.
  • Matte and Satin finishes are now available in a new high hiding accent base, formulated to boost hiding power and deliver truer colors in fewer coats.
  • This product contains agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of this paint film.
  • Duration Home Paint puts a heavier coat on the wall, improving scratch resistance and washability, and overall has extremely good durability. Excellent for houses with small children and/or large dogs.

Product Details

  • Allows you to achieve stunning interior results in fewer coats, while providing the benefit of outstanding washability for active and busy families.
  • Paint and primer in one with advanced stain-blocking technology.
  • Provides outstanding washability as most stains wipe clean with water or mild soap.
  • Provides outstanding coverage and washability with no color rub-off and less visible shine after washing.
  • Contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface.

Available Sheens


A non-reflective appearance that helps hide surface imperfections.


This flat finish is great for hiding surface imperfections, while its angular shine helps make walls smooth and washable.


With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefits of a richer look.


Lustrous, durable finish is perfect for areas that get cleaned frequently.

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