children room murals

Carter Custom Painting is your Children room Mural Painting Expert located in the St. Louis area.

We provide high quality Murals for children rooms in the st. louis and surrounding areas. We have the talent to take on a detailed themed kids room or a small cartoony mural project.

Custom children room murals to enhance your environment.

We do children room murals, baby nursery murals, school murals, business murals, logos, sign painting, church murals, restaurant murals, mural on canvases or straight on the wall, if it can be painted we can do it. Give us a call at 314-757-6973

If you want it painted we have the expertise to do the job. The cartoon style are the cheapest when your budget can’t afford high detail. I am still waiting for someone to come along with a photo-realism budget. The higher the detail, the more it costs, It takes a lot more hours to complete a mural with a high level of detail. Here are some examples below of past work.

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