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 STL Finish Carpentry & Remodeling Experts

Carter Custom Painting L.L.C. can undertake all types of finish carpentry work including, remodels, renovations, alterations, doors, windows,  kitchens, and trim moulding. Just to name a short list of our skills. Whether you need crown moulding or something as simple as installing base shoe we have the tools and know how to get your job finished in a timely manner. We use only the finest quality materials and our workmanship is unparalleled. Our competitive pricing makes us a popular choice among builders and homeowners. We offer complete installation and painting, caulking, staining, clear coating, and finishing of a variety of interior decorative trim mouldings. A fine finish is like the icing on the cake….. when your vision comes to life you will be truly amazed at our end product. Choosing a classic elegant style when doing your trim will make your house look updated for many years through passing trends that will fade. Our Professional Excellence is just one reason you can rely on us for TOP QUALITY remodeling, plastering, painting, and carpentry work.

Customer Satisfaction– 

from the smallest patio or repair to the largest room addition our policy is the same- a good job, at the right price, with customer satisfaction our priority.
Peace of mind- From your first phone call to your last, our service is second to none. For total peace of mind, our work is backed by a guarantee. We are pleased to present our extensive range of building skills and many examples of our work so that you can feel confident choosing us as your contractor of choice.
“Free Initial Consultation- We are based in St. Louis county central to all areas. We reply promptly to all inquiries and provide expert advice to determine quickly the feasibility of your project. Within a week we provide a proposal for the estimated cost that is valid for 30 days.

Carter Custom Painting’s Finish Carpentry Services:

  • Crown moulding
  • Chair Rail
  • Box Trim
  • Casing
  • Shelving
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Fencing
  • Deck Repairs
  • Fascia and Soffit
  • Railing
  • Door and Door frames
  • Windows, window casing and sills
  • Porch repairs
  • Custom work

A St. Louis Remodeling Company that is a cut above the rest!


We listen to every detail you want to be accomplished on your Carpentry and Remodeling project! Once we know exactly what you are looking for from St. Louis’s most pristine Painting and Remodeling Company, we will give you honest recommendations and clearly explain what to expect from the services you select. When the contract is signed, and work is being performed the project manager is only a phone call or text away till it is completed. Most the time I am on the job helping complete it or supervising.


A quote that seems too good to be true probably is. But there’s still no need to sacrifice quality products and services for affordability. At Carter Custom Painting, you get only the best high-quality products and top notch service at a fair price. If a remodeling company gives you a low price they are going to be rushing through the job trying to make a profit. This leads to mistakes, and in this industry these mistakes are messy. So avoid low-end companies or you might need a cleaning company.

High-Quality Workmanship

It takes more than just a fresh coat of paint to make your trim project look like new. Our employees know how to properly prepare a surface for painting after it is remodeled, understanding that many surfaces require different products for a long lasting finish. We even do wood replacement, fence repair, power washing, and artistic construction, creativity is our specialty.

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