St. Louis Artist

school mural painting

About the Artist

St. Louis based artist, muralist, and Sign Painter Rich Carter has been doing works of art locally since the 90’s. Some local businesses have featured my work including Coca Cola, Missouri Botanical Garden, Crestwood Elementary,  Manchester United Methodist church, Jewish Community Center, and many more. I am best known for being a well rounded artist who can do anything. I am passionate about my art and love the process of creating each new work of art. 


My education background includes a B.F.A. in painting from Fontbonne University. After college I interned at a art studio a few years before I went out on my own. Besides being a working artist I run this painting and remodeling company to fill in the time between art projects.

st. louis sign painting

Custom Artwork

Besides Mural painting and Sign painting I have been commissioned to do several paintings and drawings in the past. Portraits, Landscapes, peoples dreams, surrealism, tattoo designs, to name a few projects. Feel free to give a real artist from St. Louis a call for your next art project in the Lou! 


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