Wallpaper Removal

wallpaper steaming

Carter Custom Painting provides Wallpaper Removal in preparation of painting or paperhanging.

Wallpaper removal is preferred but may be so difficult it is more effective to use a special coating over the old paper, as an alternative to removal. Carter Custom Painting can determine the best possible solution, and perform the work needed to provide an acceptable surface, prior to painting or papering.

Please contact our office located in St. Louis, Mo for more answers to your questions regarding removal and preparatory services. Some helpful information is presented below.

Wallpaper removal

Tired of that old, outdated look of your wallpaper? Want to give your walls a new, fresh look? When it comes time to get rid of your wallpaper, it can quickly become a difficult process. Carter Custom Painting has the professional experience to help you. When you hire our local team for professional wallpaper removal, you can be assured that we will provide superior quality service and excellent results. Our team tackles all types of wallpaper removal projects vinyl, fabric, Grasscloth, non-woven, solid sheet vinyl, and many others. Helpful link:) types of wallpaper

Wallpaper removal service

Removing wallpaper is a tedious process that requires the right tools and skills, like a wallpaper steamer and special solvents. It also requires a whole lot of labor-intensive scraping! Even with the right tools, you can never be totally sure how the wallpaper is going to behave. Sometimes it comes off relatively easily and doesn’t leave any damage behind. Other times, you can run into entire sections of wallpaper that just doesn’t want to come off.

How you go about removing it also depends on who installed the wallpaper before. Did they size/ prime the wall before they hung it.  For example, if the walls weren’t properly primed before application, this can cause problems when you try to take it off. It will tear the top layer of drywall off causing damage that will need to be primed and mudded. If not primed with the right product the joint compound will bubble up.

It can be tempting to tackle the job yourself, but it is often a job that is more work than a homeowner has anticipated. It’s always best to let professionals take care of it. When we do run into problems with stubborn wallpaper, we know what needs to be done with it, while preventing the least amount of damage to the walls.

Factors that affect ease of removal

  • How was the wallpaper applied?
  • What type of wallpaper was applied?
  • How long has it been on the wall?
  • Was the wall properly sealed or primed before application?

Drywall Repair, Preparation and Priming

Removing wallpaper is a multi-step process. Once it is removed the glue has to be washed off or the paint will crack and not adhere. If the glue doesn’t come off then it will need to be primed. Also if there are any drywall repairs this will have to be done before painting too.

Wallpaper Removal Guide

  • First, protect work area, drops on the carpet, tape on base, plastic over the drop to catch chemical sprayed.
  • Prep the surface by spraying it down using a non-toxic solution.
  • Once it’s saturated, we’ll carefully remove old wallpaper by using a wallpaper removal tool(scraper) to gently lift the paper to avoid damage your walls.
  • If scraping doesn’t work we use a steamer for tough areas.
  • The condition of the wallpaper or wall condition beneath the wallpaper can only be determined after the paper is removed.
  • Wallpaper will be vacuumed up leaving no mess.
  • The residue is washed and cleaned.
  • Next, we’ll repair any small surface imperfections and smooth out the surface with a skim coat and sanding.
  • Once the walls are sanded, cleaned, and vacuumed, a primer is applied.
  • Once it’s ready to paint, we’ll apply the color of your choice.

Reasons to hire our wallpaper removal service

  • Carter Custom Painting will save home and business owners time and money.
  • Our St. Louis Local company will prevent unnecessary damage or errors.
  • You can depend on our fast, clean professional wallpaper removal service.
  • Our wallpaper removal services are affordable as long as the paper was installed correctly.
  • We offer associated services too, such as drywall repair, carpentry, and interior painting.
  • We have a five-star review on the web.
  • 1,000’s of satisfied customers and many references.
  • Licensed, Insured

Related Wallpaper Removal and Painting Services

Our crew not only removes wallpaper but provides a number of services from carpentry to interior house painting. Here is a list:
  • Replace baseboard, rotten wood, and many carpentry services.
  • re-texture walls, patching, and drywall repairs
  • wall, ceiling, and trim painting

Wallpaper Removal that is within the budget and done on time.

Our customers can be confident knowing we have a proven professional track record, expertise, experience, and the right tools and equipment to get the wallpaper project done on time and on budget. When we provide you with a detailed contract and schedule, you can count on us to do what is written and probably extra!!

Wallpaper removal info

 Carter Custom Painting uses plain tap water first and a few hand tools to remove wallpaper in record time with great results. Secondly, we use dif if the paper is not coming off to good. Then, at last, we will use a steamer if the paper is being really tough. If we have to result to a steamer this probably means the paper was not installed right.

Wallpaper removal tips

So, with that said, a few tips for those who have excess energy or surplus time. Not a complete reference by any means, as most paperhangers have removed almost as much paper as they have hung and the experience and knowledge gained is irreplaceable. Professional removal is the recommended method.

Some papers will remove better dry and others need to be wet. Combinations of methods may be used and sometimes paper will remove better in one direction than another due to paper fiber alignment. Test dry from different directions. If the sheetrock paper is coming off, stop and try the next alternative.

Test an area with plain water if the paper is absorbent. Usually, less than an hour of intermittent soaking will soften paper enough to remove using the proper tools (six inch broadknife and sponge). Care must be taken to not gouge the sheetrock.

Strippable paper is two layers, with the facing being dry or wet strippable. The second layer or back will usually be removed wet.

Cloth backed vinyl and vinyl type coverings are removed dry by pulling slowly and doubling back, so as to pull along and against the surface as opposed to pulling towards oneself. Pay attention to this step as considerable damage can be done quickly.

If you have made it this far and the wallpaper is off congratulations! Your almost finished. Make sure all paper pieces are off and sand the wall well to remove glue grit and paper grit. If ALL paper is removed and the wall is smooth when you run your hand over it, you can stop. Call Carter Custom Painting, we may be hiring! 😉

IMPORTANT: In all cases, the sheetrock surface should be protected as much as possible and if the paper is too difficult to remove without damaging the sheetrock surface, a treatment with a special coating is recommended. Loose portions of paper must be removed.

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