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Carter Custom Painting LLC provides full-service staining and finishing of natural wood surfaces. We have extensive professional experience working on commercial or residential projects. Our team only uses premium products to protect and bring out the natural beauty of the wood species we are working with. If you need us to, we can match your existing wood or stain color.

Wood Staining and Preservation

The wood surfaces inside or outside of your home or business should be protected from the elements to ensure lasting beauty. Wood requires maintenance to preserve its beauty and maintain the attractive look of your home or business. Protecting your wood from general wear, wood rot, water, and sun damage requires a professional who knows what products to use. Give us a call at Carter Custom Painting to help keep the value of your home or business at its highest level with visually appealing wood finishes.

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Custom Wood Services

  • semi-transparent, semi-solid staining
  • protectives coatings- poly, varnish
  • custom stain matches
  • glazing
  • pin stripping
  • Antique Finishes
  • Custom Furniture
  • Refinishing

Protective Coatings

  • Varnish: Ranging in finishes from matte to high-gloss, varnish can be thought of as a top coat that will protect wood furniture from UV damage.
  • Lacquer: Lacquer is an easy-to-apply polish that can repair small scratches and scuff marks, and provide some defense against sun damage.
  • Polyurethane: Not only will polyurethane protect your wood from the sun, but it will also bring out your wood’s natural beauty.

Protect your wood from the elements

  • Wood Waterproofing– By water proofing the wood surfaces on the exterior of your home, such as siding, decks, and stairs, you can ensure that they will last a lifetime and not need replacement. Wood indoors isn’t safe either from potential water damage, which will greatly accelerate its deterioration.
  • sunlight Damage– One component of sunlight is ultraviolet light, commonly referred to as UVUV light is responsible for most damage to exposed wood because it changes or destroys the wood’s lignin, a component of wood that hardens and strengthens the cell walls. In more scientific terms this process is called photo-oxidation. Sunlight causes damage to wood over time, causing it to fade, deteriorate, and lead to wood rot. With a premium finish you protect it against UV rays, which are a must with exterior or interior surfaces.
  • Effects of Aging– Mold, Mildew, and wear and tear.

Customize your wood with a color

  • Custom Color your Wood– One great advantage of custom wood staining is that it can completely change the look and appeal of your wood surfaces, offering you a variety of options as far as their color. While some people prefer to paint over wood, finishing can offer rich, warm results that can be tailored to complement nearly any design choice.

We can provide Interior Staining Services for St. Louis, St. Louis County,West County, and parts of Illinois areas.

  • Custom Wood Trim & Moulding.
  • Custom Cabinets.
  • Bathroom Vanities.
  • Custom Wood Furniture.
  • Custom Wood Art
  • Custom Bars
  • Wood Panelling.
  • Restaurant Wood Decor.
  • Hotel Wood Decor.

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