Popular Interior Paint colors in St. Louis Homes

  • Bright White – Extra white – sherwin williams
  • Pure white-Sherwin Williams
  • Antique White – Antique White – Sherwin Williams
  • Beige – accessible beige – sherwin williams
  • Snowbound- Sherwin Williams
  • Blue – Aleutian – Sherwin Williams
  • Repose GraySherwin Williams
  • Agreeable gray-Sherwin Williams
  • Light Pewter- Ben Moore
  • Pale Grey – Gray Screen – Sherwin Williams
  • Charcoal Grey – city shadow – Benjamin Moore
  • Green – Guilford Green – Benjamin Moore
  • Yellow – Friendly Yellow – Sherwin Williams
  • Griege – Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore
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Bright White

White is an enduring favorite with St. Louis homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. “White lightens up dark spaces, makes a room feel bigger, and works just about anywhere, helping to explain why it’s so popular. All white kitchens have been popular lately around the west county area. Consumer reports says, Cool whites contain blue and appear brighter—ideal for crisp, contemporary settings as well as work areas like a garage, where you really need to see what you’re doing. Warm whites have yellow undertones that create a cozier feel and work well across a variety of living areas in a traditional setting. It’s tricky to mix cools and warms without the warms coming off looking dirty. The best way to distinguish between cool and warm whites is to hold paint chips side by side. Here is a good link for understanding white undertones-https://heatherednest.com/sherwin-williams-pure-white/

Antique White

 This popular interior paint shade has a hint of yellow so it gives it a real authentic old world look. It can warm up a room with its warm tone. A monochromatic interior scheme with creams and whites is a perfect opportunity to use Antique White. We use it a lot on trim around St. Louis Locally.


Beige is an interior paint color that can make a room cozy and warm feeling. A darker shade of beige can add depth and richness to a space. It feels finished and interesting while still being neutral. Most anything will go with it too. When homeowners aren’t using grey around town this is their second choice I see most.


Blue is a go-to color for top interior designers for good reasons. It’s versatile enough to work in just about any room, and the range of shade options, whether it’s a misty gray or a lagoon blue-green, are endless. Here is a link to some blues from better homes and gardens. I see this paint color in dining rooms and bedrooms a lot. Blue paint in boy’s bedrooms never goes out of style.


Grey is the perfect hue if you’re scared to commit to color — but don’t want to go as neutral as white. Like white paints, grays have a variety of undertones that impact how the color appears in a space. There are cooler shades with blue or green undertones, as well as warm hues with hints of orange, red, or brown. These undertones can make a hue look dramatically different, depending on the light and location of the room. Here is a link to some suggested grey colors from architectural digest. Everyone from Frontenac to Festus has been using grey on there walls the past few years. I used 50 different shades of grey on ceilings and walls in a Frontenac house a few years ago. Link:) 5 best neutral colors from a popular website online.


The right green can calm, energize, or even ground a room. Green is a god color for a bedroom or bathroom.  It’s a slightly more unexpected take on the currently trending gray bedroom craze yet still tranquil and relaxing—exactly what you need in the room where you catch your z’s. Gray-green sage is a perfect stand-in for a neutral. Analytical Gray from Sherwin-Williams is a good one. We painted the lower level of another Frontenac Huntleigh woods house in a nice green color this year.


Yellow and gold paint can warm up a room that lacks natural light, which is especially handy in north-facing rooms when you really need more warmth and light. Designer Sara Tuttle: “Not all colors can warm up a room that doesn’t get a ton of natural light like these yellows can,” she says.

But don’t let its summery inspiration fool you. “Yellow is beautiful because it’s seasonless,” Tuttle says. “It sets the tone for a warm, cozy room.”

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